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Growing prosperously NAAAS Group for Real Estate Management and Development is one of the gems of NAAAS Holding Group. It is well accustomed and renowned name across the national and international markets. The opulent services provided by the team of experts, honing their experiences since 50+ years consecutively has equipped NAAAS Real Estate become one of the pioneers in the industry. Aiming to suffice the upcoming extensive instances of world cup 2022, NAAAS Real Estate is engaged in adequate and exuberant projects like Asian City and is equipped to initiate newer ones in amidst of Qatari Government.


Property Facility Management

There are several aspects post investing into or leasing a property. Hence, we provide complete management services sufficing all the concerns associated with the tedious process

Business Solution Services

A comprehensive and whole assemblage of the business solutions catering to all the business needs with interspersed yet customizable solutions.

Labor Welfare Management & Consultancy

Within the state of Qatar Labor augmentation is quite extensive, thus we aid in chaperoning the well-being, social care, guidance and consultation, all in accordance with the governing laws.

Real estate Services

While commencing the process of investing in a project, the whole experience can be daunting and tenacious. We administer an assortment of fruitful opportunities for which we have toiled and devised specifically for valuable returns.


Bespoke and extensive development from NAAAS group for Real Estate Project Management & Development, which facilitates up to 100,000 residents adequately from layman to executive standards. Asian City is designed in deliberation with the Government’s vision of Qatar 2022 world cup, offering one of the finest in the industry.

Temporary Accommodations

In accordance of 2022 world cup and its eventual increase in the demand of temporary accommodation, NAAAS Group for Real Estate Management & Development is decked with lavish and feature stocked temporary residential solutions. The distinguished assortment of the facilities which are located at the prime locations of Qatar and is availed with all the top-notch facilities available to the city. All our facilities are sought after to comply accurately within the governing lines and requirements of Supreme Committee of Delivery & Legacy in Qatar.

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