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The story started with the vision of the Chairman, Nasser Hassan Al-Jaber of making NAAAS Holding Group serving local market with high quality and a multi-zonal pioneer, was conceived in the year of 2008.

After that, NAAAS Holding Group is strengthening its roots within Real Estate, Hospitality and Logistics service sectors. However, we are in alignment with Qatar’s vision 2030 and contributing to the success of Qatar’s organization of World cup 2022. we are, associating with and creating innovative businesses, latest technology advancements and modernization.

In addition, we believe on the human capital hence we are investing in our workforce at all levels and we ensure that we deliver premium quality and excellence of services.


Innovatively paving its way from pearl trading to the futuristic smart city of Doha, Qatar has come a long way in advancement, creating a multitude of opportunities locally and internationally. This has surged the infrastructural development and demand of industry services extensively. Corelating with the onward vision of Qatar 2030 and prompt World cup 2022, NAAAS Holding Groups’ abundant capabilities to invest, build and accelerate growth has brought itself to an established name and a fruitful partner in Qatari Business sector.

From national to global values we have been delivering authentic caliber and expertise throughout the years in the sectors of Real Estate, Hospitality, logistics & Human Resources. Also, within the times of hardships, we have efficiently delivered and promoted local productions in FMCG, Agriculture & Medical furthermore is evolving in continuum towards initiating newer ventures of sanitization & disinfections. Aforesaid, we are a robust organization with diligent, proven and successful workforce ready to deliver sustainable and future appropriate solutions for which the sate is calling for.

Recollecting our previous achievements, I can firmly sate the absolute growth of NAAAS and its subsidiaries in the coming immediate and imminent years.

Mr. Nasser Hassan Al-Jaber

Our Subsidiaries

We are more than just a Company; we are a family of professionals working together to achieve success.

Our subsidiares are the pillars of our business and thus we are execptionally proud to introduce these businesses.

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Vision and Mission


We aim to catapult the advancement within the market with innovative solutions, future forward investments and delivering premium services to our clientele & shareholders. Accruing our contribution in Qatar’s prompt & prospective success.


We escort our presence everywhere where businesses impact lives. We aptly deliver adequate, competent and sustainable solutions with integrity & accountability. We are a federation with commitment to Qatar vision 2030 and its authenticity. Leading in the middle eastern business world, we believe ‘success is together’.