SALLICO GREENHOUSE AND TRADING is a state-of-art Qatari greenhouse builders. With a team who are equipped with decade worth of experience, we develop, produce and build maintenance-free greenhouses.
We see the greenhouse as the backbone of a turnkey project and decides on the strategy, the layout, and the logistics of the project at the same time. The main principle in the high-tech greenhouse is always to increase yields and quality and reduce energy use to a minimum.
With this we also provide best solutions for screening, heating, cooling, water technology services, LED & City framing systems, and internal transport extensively. .

Our Team

Our mission is to be better, faster and smarter; you need the best people driving your vision forward.
From many stories to hear, under the guidance of Chairman, Nasser Hassan Al Jaber, we are a driven, enthusiastic, motivated and innovative team of professionals. With a diverse capacity we all enjoy learning about different cultures and beliefs. We are a work family of nearly 2000 in number and we thrive with a passion to innovate and create new ideologies and build products and strategies to empower ours’ and our subsidiaries’ presence in a modern landscape.

Our Products

  • Screening Services
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Water Technology Services
  • LED & City framing Systems
  • And Internal Transport for Clients