Naaas Recruitment Services is a Qatari company meets all legal requirements of manpower in Qatar. Based on provision of ASIAN in various fields (ordinary, specialized and technical) according to standards and specifications that meet our clients requirements from government, private or individual sectors in Qatar.
Our commitment to our clients is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and we go beyond every day to prove it. It is in our DNA.



Working in terms of strategic partnership and joint success between the company and its various clients and beneficiaries in State of Qatar.


Excellence in providing recruitment services to various official bodies, private establishments, and individuals. Achieving overall benefit for all projects and continue to serve the community in provision of ASIAN.

Our Services

  • Recruitment services
  • We easily offer all recruitment services in accordance with required standards and in shortest time through our extensive network of local and international relations, official authorities trust us.

  • Guarantees
  • Our company guarantees rights for both employer and employees.

  • Commitment
  • Commitment to and continuity of employment contracts throughout contract period.

  • Cost reduction
  • Cost reduction and saving time, our principle is speed versus accuracy.

  • Partnership
  • Long-term strategic partnership with our clients, as our company is keen on success of clients projects and achieving their aspirations through overcoming obstacles to obtain all required services.

  • Professional manpower
  • Providing efficient and professional manpower based on our clients requirements.

  • Worldwide
  • Providing manpower through worldwide network.

  • Interview
  • Conducting Client’s interview before recruitment process.

  • Careers
  • Our company is ready to provide all careers in various fields and from different nationalities.

  • Manpower
  • Replacement of inappropriate manpower.